Following up on our FPS Quiz, the RPG Quiz is the next in our gaming quiz series. Like the previous gaming quiz, almost every screenshot is taken from our personal playthroughs, and most of these games were really hard to stop playing!  

The genre has changed, but the game is the same. 

25 screenshots spanning 40 years of computers and gaming systems. 

Good luck! 

Have a genre you want to see done next? A game you want to see added to an existing quiz? Post it in the comments! 

Created by: LynxJSA and TheG3

Many thanks to the following members of the Video Game Fans group ( ) on Facebook for their input and suggestions!

<!-- Lasse Meisner, Elliot Littera, Joel Stephanson, LeAndre'Woods, Adam Hamilton, Mason Hall, Will Hill, Rad Hill, Darion Thrush, Klent Foster, Joe Floyd, Jace Rynearson, Eli Stevenson, Andrew Thomas Conner, Jeff Balmes, Demetri Jacques, Spencer Harville, Chris Brookman, Adnan Asghar Khokhar, Trevor Harris, Martin Paul, Gretchen Taylor, Jamal Barksley, Alex Gelert Shelton, Kaitlin Lee, Chad Myers, Rob Younger, Aidan Last, Will Van Rooy, Eric Raymond, Autumn Tyrell, Netty Parnell, William West, Niko Verry, Duane Allison, JR llaw, Collin Bennett, Silas Quintanilla, Jacob Siefer, Jessica Bryce, Christopher Carter, Tom Radcliffe, Andrew McNulty, Dale Runkle, and Lucas Smith --->

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